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Click on the links at the bottom of this page to see a preview of these dances.
A Link to the step sheets will be next to it


Some of the links will take you to a 1 wall teach of the dance. Others will take you to it being danced by some of our lot on a normal class night at either Fords on a Wednesday or Runnymede on a Thursday .

Some of the videos are of different quality, please choose which one is most suitable for your internet connection.
They are best viewed using Window Media

Thank you looking at the videos, we hope you find them useful & fun.
If you have any comments on these  (still new at this!) please email me on [email protected]

Also on are video’s of new dances by Ruthie B & Mark & Jan Caley

“Time to Grow” by Ruthie B
“One Way Cha” partner dance by Mark & Jan Caley

Many thanks.  Luv  T&V xx

Please click on the link below to view the video of your choice

X-RATED Size, 9.14 MB Being danced by some of our lot at our Thursday night Runnymede class

GOING ALL THE WAY Walk through 4.76 MB

GOING ALL THE WAY Some of our Wednesday lot dancing it!! 🙂 11.02MB Big file. Will take time to download!

THE MEANING OF LOVE 10.0MB high quality one wall walk through

THE MEANING OF LOVE 1.05MB low quality one wall walk through

THE MEANING OF LOVE Teresa & Mark dancing. About 35 seconds
with backing dancers!! 🙂

IN THE MIDDLE 16.6MB high quality

IN THE MIDDLE 1.67MB low quality

IN THE MIDDLE. Teresa & Mark & backing dancers!! 🙂

TIME TO GROW By Ruthie B Size 8.76 MB

ONE WAY CHA Partner dance by Mark & Jan Caley Size 7.84